The Ravalero Cat

The Ravalero Cat

This beautiful cat is one of the symbols of the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona. In 1987, the city council adopted this unique feline. Its creator was Fernando Botero, one of the most celebrated and recognized contemporary Colombian artists in the world.

During many times, “el gato” was wandering the streets of the city until he found a definitive home in 2003. His cheerful look welcomes visitors to the Raval neighborhood.

The Raval Cat. Photo by Alvaro Laforet

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Rambla of the Raval was remodeled and the fattest cat in Barcelona was placed there. Since then, this mustache animal is seen and even poses in a flirtatious way to anyone who wants to take a picture.

Unfortunately, the animal has lost its original color since its golden skin painted by the sun was losing its brightness due to the many caresses that tourists and locals give it. As a curiosity, popular tradition tells that in this place the witches of the city met. This neighborhood has always had a halo of mystery.

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