The twelfth edition of the Contemporary Art Fair of Barcelona will be held from September 26 to 29 at the Italian Pavilion of Fira Montjuïc, and will feature up to 300 artists and 75 galleries from around the world.

A few weeks ago SWAB, the contemporary art fair of Barcelona, announced that its twelfth edition would take place from September 26 to 29 in the Italian Pavilion of the Fira Montjuïc, as well as the programs that would occupy this 2019. One more year, Swab will become the meeting place for up to 300 artists from 75 galleries from around the world. This is an unavoidable appointment of independent art of international level.

The unconventional nature of SWAB translates into a program that aims to reflect international social and political issues through its proposals. All disciplines, from the classic ones such as painting and sculpture, to more current ones such as digital, performative art or installation, are the means used by artists to channel and connect with the viewer. This year, most works coexist under the search and return to the roots, in a path that goes from the primitive to the digital.

This year, the SWAB 2019 program brings several new features. The “Mexico en Femenino” program is presented for the first time, which is committed to four artists working around the figure of women, rethinking and claiming their position through relevant issues such as colonialism, or their participation in art. In addition, ‘Swab Video Box, The identity Shadow’ is born, a space exclusively dedicated to artistic exploration through video art, in collaboration with Aesthetica Magazine, where they create interesting reflections on the tensions between human relationships.

Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of this year is the possibility of visiting the fair in real time via online, as well as buying at all stands, thanks to the prestigious ARTSY platform.

In addition to these developments, there will be regular programs such as the General, which includes for the first time the “Emerging” subsection, in which we find galleries that have already participated in fairs but have a maximum of 5 years of experience. One more year, reference spaces of the city such as ADN Galería, Ana Mas Projects or Rocío Santa Cruz, among others, will meet. Other programs that recur are Swab on Paper, curated by Carolina Díez-Cascón, which shows the work of several artists who use geometry and abstraction as a resource for expressing space, unstable and full of imbalances; Swab Ephemeral, curated by Caterina Almirall supports the creative fabric of the city with proposals from resident artists of creative factories in Barcelona (Hangar, La Escocesa and Fabra i Coats); MYFAF, which in this edition expands from 3 to 4 galleries; Swab Reading, a space dedicated to exploring the publication as an artistic medium and the book as an exhibition object and Swab Seed program of independent spaces that are committed to the most innovative proposals such as the AWOL Gallery, which will transport the viewers to Mars and will invite them to reflect on the possibility of creating a new universe.

There will also be key performative pieces of the current panorama in the program such as Swab Performance, curated by Alexandra Laudo who in this edition is committed to digital art. Finally, the program closes the cycle of talks that SWAB Thinks vehicles, among which the Josep Santa Creu Foundation stands out, which aims to make visible the artistic talent from an integrative position of people with functional diversity, mental illness or risk of exclusion; The Espronceda center, rethinks the figure of the commissioner taking his work to a new dimension, or the analysis of women in the art world.

SWAB Barcelona not only seeks to be an important platform for innovative aesthetic experiences, but also to present to the public works that take art as a tool to build new and necessary reflections and create different exhibition experiences with interesting proposals from artists who care about the direct relationship of the artwork and the viewer.
As every year, SWAB Kids will be the space for children, a place where creativity has no limits. This year it will host an artistic proposal that stimulates the senses in collaboration with Fundación Ernesto Ventós.

Collectors Program

With the participation of a large number of international collectors, this program aims to consolidate the city of Barcelona as an artistic reference platform. This year they emphasize visits to private collections in the city and collaborations with Fundació Tàpies, Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, Miró Foundation and the Reial Cercle d’Arts in Barcelona.

SWAB awards

As every year, SWAB has a series of awards to value talent from different perspectives. This 2019, we can find the DKV award for the best Spanish artist, the MANGO award for the best emerging artist, the Lluís Coromina Foundation award, the Marset Idea Art award and the Diezy7 Collection drawing award. In addition, this year the Espronceda prize is added, which will award an artist who will be offered a 5-week residence in Espronceda. The objective of the prize is to open a dialogue with the city, the artist will have the opportunity to immerse himself completely in the fabric of Barcelona, where he/she can be inspired by the place and spaces of Espronceda to carry out his artistic research.

Procurement Program

One more edition, Swab has the procurement program in collaboration with:

The Vila Casas Foundation, a private non-profit organization whose primary objective is to promote contemporary Catalan art
The Odor Visual Collection, created by Ernesto Ventós, a perfumer who later on began the path of artistic creation.
The Carmen & Lluís Bassat Foundation, constituted by the publicist Lluís Bassat with the aim of helping people in need and promoting contemporary Catalan art.

SWAB, a sustainable boutique fair

Swab 2019 articulates its new edition around certain fundamental values, sustainability, design and the balance between innovation and tradition
Thus, in the first place, the gastronomic space of the fair will be in charge of Flash Flash, a reference restaurant in Barcelona with 50 years full of history, design and modernity, a cult of the doing of things well, Tibidabo Beers, which present their craft made beer in Barcelona and Bruxo, a mezcal that is made by balancing the long tradition of this drink with innovative elements. In addition to ensuring an excellent quality product, the three eliminate the use of plastic, raising awareness of environmental conservation. In this line, the official water of Swab 2019 is Only Water, which brings to the fair its 100% recyclable containers made from renewable raw materials.

Swab’s philosophy is also reflected in the furniture, and this year the fair will feature three proposals that combine design and sustainability: CartonLab, which works with cardboard furniture and Ecopixel, which produces pieces of furniture by recycling of plastic .
What: SWAB.

When: September 26-29.
Where: Italian Pavilion (Z6). Barcelona Fair (Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 8).
FB / IG: @swabartfair.
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