¨I like Barcelona¨ is the first interactive exhibition for taking another look at Barcelona,from the perspective of architecture and urban planning.It is based on more than three thousand opinions and nine thousand images collected over the last two editions of the 48H Open House Architecture Festival.

The exhibition will be held in The City Hall’s Sala Ciutat.It invites visitors to take part and leave a record of their preferences in the fields of urban planning and architecture.It is an interactive exhibition where citizens describe their relationship with Barcelona’s architecture and urban planning through their photos, contributions and votes. Visitors are invited to vote for their favorite photograph and opinion.It also tackles the relationship between people and the city’s physical structure and invites them to leave a record of their own thoughts regarding the field of urban planning and architecture.

According to Marc Puig, the Director of Communications and Citizen Help and Information at Barcelona City Council and one of the exhibition’s promoters, it “offers visitors a chance to look again at the city, through the experience of architecture, and to use photographs, opinions and choices to express how they understand Barcelona’s architecture and urban planning”. He also adds that “the graphic concept itself, the language and interaction of the exhibition convey to the physical world the symbols and meanings of the social media, the most open environment there is”.

The participatory side of the exhibition includes voting for the best photograph from the Opengram competition’s 50 finalists and OpenFoto’s top 10, a selection of the best snapshots sent via the social media networks over the last three editions of the 48H Open House Barcelona architecture festival.
Using a system of heart-shaped magnets that bring to mind the “like” tabs found in the social media, I like Barcelona. People, architecture and urban planning asks visitors to leave a record of their preferences.

The public’s choice is not confined to photographs but extends to rating comments and opinions on what I like most about Barcelona, offered by members of the public themselves during the festival. The visitors’ choices, once the magnets on the Sala Ciutat’s corresponding walls have been put in place, will remain visible to everyone who comes to the exhibition.



Free admission. Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm, Sun 10am-2pm.

Do not miss it !It will be opened from 29 January till 20 March 2015. The public is not just an observer but also has a say in its content. This is an exhibition where visitors will complete a vision of the entire city through their choices and preferences!