The Magic Mountain – Tibidabo Barcelona

The Magic Mountain – Tibidabo Barcelona
















Tibidabo is a mountain overlooking Barcelona. At 512 meters it is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola. Rising sharply to the north-west, it affords spectacular views over the city and the surrounding coastline.If you want to reach it you can get a train from the centre of Barcelona to Av.Tibidabo station and from there you will take the Tramvia Blau which takes you half way up the mountain.If you want to go to the top you will also need to catch a funicular train.This is also an entertaining journey as you travel up through the mountain’s forests and to the summit and get a glimpse of the city from a height on your way.Once you get to the top of the mountain,you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Barcelona and you will be able to see the splendor of the skyline and the beauty of the sea beyond.This is a must do visit in Barcelona!
If you continue to the top, both kids and adults will enjoy the charming little theme park.The Amusement Park was built in 1889 and a lot of the rides date back to this time, giving the park a whimsical feel.The views and friendly atmosphere, with people in fancy dress parading through the park and interacting with the visitors, make for an enjoyable day out.If theme parks are not your cup of tea there are also other sites which you can visit.

On the top of the mountain you will find a church called The Temple of Atonement of the Sacred Heart.It was built in 1806 and renovated in 1902.The church is a Neo-Gothic structure with a bronze statue of the Sacred Heart at the top. You can take a lift to the top of and check out the city at 575 meters above sea level!The views are breathtaking!

On Tibidabo mountain you can also see the Can Borni´s greenhouses. They were built for the International Exhibition of 1929, as an acclimatization garden for plants from all over the world.Its unique location at the foot of Tibidabo offers a microclimate which benefits the acclimatization of plants and trees which require special conditions to prosper.It is a place with real charm,where you can enjoy a stroll surrounded by nature and peace.

Tibidabo mountain and its amusement park offer a perfect day out for families! We highly recommend you to plan your visit!