Halloween in Barcelona! A weekend to remember!

Halloween in Barcelona! A weekend to remember!


Like most things in Spain, what the nation borrows from overseas is usually adjusted and transformed into something of their own, not to mention each region puts its personal stamp on it. The same goes with Halloween, which is clearly not an American affair here. It does not have the pomp and hype as in the US, but rather a traditional feel which sets it apart .You are pretty much guaranteed to have a great time if you choose to spend the Halloween weekend in the Catalan capital. If you decide to celebrate it in Barcelona, you’ll always find clubs, hotels and restaurants organizing glamorous events and colorful costume parties.

Halloween in Spain is a tree-day celebration that kicks off on October 31st .In Barcelona, Halloween has transformed itself into a Halloweekend celebration that will please all the braves who enjoy diabolical day and night parties. Although Halloween is not a Spanish or Catalan tradition, it has been embraced in Spain and Barcelona in a big way. Halloween is also celebrated with many fancy dress parties featuring all manner of vampires, ghosts, witches and zombies having a fine old time.The tradition is also kept and children in costumes go from house to house in order to ask for treats such as candy with the phrase “Trick or treat!” (in Spanish “Truco o trato¨). Moreover,there will be many Halloween glamorous events and colorful costume parties and of course Halloween night special program at all top clubs including CDLC , Opium Mar,Shoko, Sutton,Sala Monasterio and Merbeye Cocktail Bar.Club Razmatazz is also preparing special activities to mark Halloween.

In addition to the sprightly Halloween fiestas held on October 31st in the city’s famous bars and nightclubs, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the Catalan tradition of La Castanyada.This is a popular All Saints’ Day festival held each year on November 1st in Barcelona and Catalonia, and welcomes visitors with various events, music concerts and stalls filled with seasonal delicacies, including chestnuts(castanyes), sweet potatoes, sweet wine and panellets which are small Catalan cakes made of marzipan, almonds and various flavors.At Montjuic cemetery, the Barcelona Cemeteries association (CBSA) usually invites the public to an open day event to visit the Montjuic cemetery museum and its collection of funeral carriages, which opened in 2013.Other cemeteries in Poblenou and Les Corts also offer classical music concerts.


Another Halloween custom that can be observed in Barcelona is the Route of the Altars (Ruta de Altares). In the last couple of years, this relatively new tradition specific to the Mexican Día de los Muertos as become increasingly evident around the city’s streets, bars, restaurants, shops, galleries and associations.

Some tips where you can celebrate Halloween in Barcelona:

If you want to try some special Halloween ´terrific dishes´, we will recommend you The Casle of Darkness restaurant (Gava). There is also show which brings together zombies, banshees and other night creatures. On 1stof November there is special Halloween party for children.Another place which will attract you is Port Aventura. It will offer special shows with zombies, ghosts and monsters who walk among graves and dark alleys to scare you.Moreover,if you are adventure,you should not miss the Halloween night cruise(Port Vell).The party will be on board and will last three hours.You will enjoy a great variety of dishes,drinks and Djs onboard with non-stop music.

Wherever you decide to celebrate the Halloween in Barcelona,you will not regret!

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