Plom Gallery Barcelona: Contemporary Art for Children

Plom Gallery Barcelona: Contemporary Art for Children


Are you looking for an activity in Barcelona that encourages creativity, imagination and human development for your children? Do not look any further! Barcelona offers all kind of activities, discover and do for the kids. Among them, there is the fantastic Plom Gallery: an art gallery/boutique designed to engage enquiring young minds.

On Seneca Street, in Gracia, a charming and fantasy-filled place with a focus on introducing art to children has recently blossomed. Dedicated to introducing and opening the world of art to children, Plom Gallery is a multi-purpose space where Martha Zimmerman, mother and founder of the gallery, organizes exhibitions, workshops and activities that show young children how to enjoy the beauty and creativity of art. Moreover, by selling original and limited edition paintings, and some impressive colorful illustrations, Plom introduces children to the world of art collecting. In this respect, original work acquisitions are delivered with a certificate of authenticity on behalf of the child, who consequently becomes the official art owner.

As you might have understood, Plom gallery has a pedagogical role in the walls of our young collectors. Adapted for the whole family, this artistic activity may also surprised the grown ups, who could learn something new too…

Useful information:
PLOM Gallery 
c / Seneca, 31 Gràcia
Tel: 93 237 78 65