Tip of the day: Lolita Taperia, trendy and tasty!

Restaurante Lolita Barcelona

If you are looking for some incredible tapas without busting the budget, and good time in Poble Sec, we recommend you Lolita Taperia, a typically Spanish bar with “attitude“.

Occupying the former location of Inopia, a co-owned restaurant by Albert Adria and Joan Martinez, the tapas joint reopened under the name of Lolita Taperia and quickly became a new ridiculously popular spot in the Poble Sec district.

Run by Joan Martinez, the place stayed faithful to the culture of contemporary tapas and expanded its offer with a superb selection of cocktails available at night.  Indeed, the chef, Joan Martínez, combines classic but unique tapas with mini-sandwiches and incredible midnight cocktails. You can feel the freshness and the quality in the ingredients; the dishes are rarely fancy, but always prepared with technical perfection. Specialities include marinated sliced chicken breasts in batter, creamy burrata with rocket, dry tomato and black olive tapenade, tuna loin with soya sauce and tomato pulp, La Bomba de l’Eixample – a giant round potato croqueta filled with herby mince and topped with spicy salsa and a slick of mayonnaise-, avocado and quails’eggs dressed with black truffle vinaigrette, etc.
As you can imagine, the suggestions list is actually pretty long.

Loud, bustling and bright, the atmosphere of the Taperia reflects the casual vibe that is extended through the simple, modern décor and the hip local clientele. At midnight, the lights dim, and the music goes on. The place often hosts DJs or other performers! In other terms, we definitely recommend you to try this trendy and tasty place for its tapas, drinks and ambiance. It’s not fine dining but it’s fun, busy and bustling in an unmistakably Spanish way.

Lolita Taperia

C/ Tamarit 104

08015 Barcelona