Festa Mayor de Sant Antoni: the first traditional local neighborhood festival of the year !

Sant Antoni Apartments Barcelona

Famous for its festivals and celebration of music and the arts, Barcelona is also fostering tradition and solidarity between neighbors with its annual and traditional local neighborhood festivals. Bringing together residents to celebrate their Catalan traditions, while making discovering the neighborhood to visitors is the main purpose of those local festivals. The first Festa Major of the year is that of Sant Antoni, a quarter located within the Eixample district.

Festa Major de Sant Antoni will start on the 17th of January and will last over a week, until the 26th of January. Open to all visitors with many free attractions and events scheduled during the week, the festival of Sant Antoni involves a program of activities and entertainment held in the streets and local cultural venues.

These include Catalan Traditions demonstrations such as the castellers human tower building and the correfoc fireruns , paired with some not-so-traditional festivities such as reggae concert and a 10km race.

Other interesting events scheduled for the week, include the show dog competition, tapas competition, craft beer fair, photography contest, karaoke, and Trocantoni Market, where visitors trade and exchange local goods, without a single penny passing hands. One of the highlights of the Sant Antoni Festival is the Tres Tombs Parade on the 25th of January, which displays old-fashioned horse drawn carriages and the traditional custom of blessing the animals.

Perfect for all visitors, neighborhood local festivals are vibrant events characterized by dancing, fire running, human towers and live music , which you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting the city. Indeed, they represent the best way to discover the Catalan traditions and its people.

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